Monday, February 22, 2010

Wood walls / Shiplap - I adore

The shiplap in my home is original and I made sure it was there before I bought our place. It is something I discovered under the sheetrock in our first home, built in the 1920's, and I wanted to keep it, but our contractor strongly discouraged it. Since then, I have seen so many beautiful homes that kept the original shiplap or installed new tongue and groove panels. For anyone that isn't familiar with the term "shiplap", it refers to wood planks that were typically used as interior walls of old homes and buildings by placing them horizontally from floor to ceiling over the 2 X 4 studs. When pine went into short supply, and all of the high quality Long Leaf Pine was gone, sheet rock was invented, and thus this method of constructing interior walls ended...(sadly).

Fortunately, I have these wood walls in my kitchen, the boys room and my bathroom and they are my favorite spaces. I really would prefer to have the entire interior of my house wrapped in wood. You can hang a picture anywhere, it provides a wonderful texture and it adds a craftsman feel to the most modern spaces.

Here's Tott (ignore the little head) in our bathroom with the original shiplap walls painted white. (not the greatest pic...forgive me ; )

I think this kitchen is beautiful. Love the light, walls and floor. The empty space, besides the piece hanging, on the wall to the right of the sink is so appealing to me. Love that they didn't feel the need to fill it up. That's my big problem, my husband always says "less is more." But, I just can't help myself. I am trying really hard'll see below why he says it - ha!

Coastal Living
I think, I mentioned we're going to convert the attic to a bunkroom for our kids. This is totally inspiring to me and I am copying the blue painting technique. It's so great.


Image from Live Bohemian Flickr stream  -  Love her ceiling and glossy beadboard by the cupboard. Check out her stream...

Image from Jon Jensen.

Just up part of the wall in the bathroom and that ceiling is gorgeous. I also really like the hanging bulbs with no shade. I bet it's beautiful at night.
images from airspace

Just used on the ceiling here.

image sandbox studio
I seriously don't have words to describe how much I like the above image. I mean every single thing is aesthetically pleasing to me. Look at that dead branch, I'd love to know why that looks so great here. I've tried that before and it looked like a pulled a branch in from outside for no apparent reason. But wow, it works here. Those wellies on that cool blue patina chair/stool - precious.

Not really my style, but it's interesting.

This was my old house. Before the one we're in now. I had the whole interior wrapped in wood. I don't think it has half the character of original shiplap. But, thought I'd share our old abode. It looks quite cluttered to me.

Here's the kitchen. It was quite large and felt more like room. I did love that green cabinet hanging by the stove. Here's a closer look, it had leaded glass. It was great, I bought it at an antique market for nothing.

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